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Generate KML (CEN/Demographics)

    County Population Change 2010-2013(0)
    States Population Change 2010-2013(1)
    County Population % Change 2010-2013(2)
    States Population % Change 2010-2013(3)
    County Percentage Under 5 Years(4)
    States Percentage Under 5 Years(5)
    County Percentage Over 65 Years(6)
    States Percentage Over 65 Years(7)
    County Median Age(8)
    States Median Age(9)
    County Percentage White(10)
    States Percentage White(11)
    County Percentage Black or African American(12)
    States Percentage Black or African American(13)
    County Percentage American Indian and Alaska Native(14)
    States Percentage American Indian and Alaska Native(15)
    County Percentage Asian(16)
    States Percentage Asian(17)
    County Percentage Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander(18)
    States Percentage Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander(19)
    County Percentage Some other race(20)
    States Percentage Some other race(21)
    County Percentage Two or more races(22)
    States Percentage Two or more races(23)
    County Percentage Hispanic or Latino(24)
    States Percentage Hispanic or Latino(25)
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